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How to do health care for patients with uremia

2017-04-26 18:30

Uremia is a kind of disease which is caused by the fact that the kidney can not normally discharge the urine, causing the waste produced by the body and excess water to accumulate in the body. Uremia is treated by Chinese and Western medicine or dialysis, serious only treated by kidney transplant.

Uremic patients in the process of dialysis will lose a lot of protein and blood, if you have to go to do dialysis from time to time, you missed the body protein will be more. You can  eat some eggs, milk, lean meat and other protein foods, cheap and nutritious.

In addition, the diet should be as light as possible, do not put too much salt in the patient to eat things, because food is too salty will only increase the burden of kidney in uremic patients. Uremic patients only need the ordinary high protein food, avoid smoke wine, eat animal liver.

Uremic patients should not eat seafood, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate is also best not to put. In addition, should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, as long as there is confidence, everything will have a way out.


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