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Chronic renal failure can live long?

2017-05-03 09:27
Patient counseling: expert Hello, because I had low back pain, frequent urination, urgency, fatigue, edema of lower limbs of the situation, then to the hospital for examination, auxiliary examination showed: 3+ urinary protein, renal ECT examination: glomerular filtration rate 27ml/min, serum creatinine more than and 500 umol/L, heart and lung function, on the verge of hemodialysis, excuse me: This is what I got? Serious? This situation how to treat the effect is good?
Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine experts answer: Hello, according to your data, you are now in the renal insufficiency failure stage, renal cells damaged is extremely serious, resulting in a large number of toxins accumulate in the body can not be discharged, the damage of the various organs of the body, the degree of organ function injury progress in treatment of chronic renal failure, how? This will be accompanied by a series of clinical symptoms of poisoning symptoms and organ damage, if the scar formed in the period of renal fibrosis is not yet fully involved all of the nephron, it remained a considerable part of the nephron, as long as there are remnants of the kidney had single renal residual energy, so in this period the patient still has therapeutic value, how the effect of Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure? In the treatment of renal failure, in the conventional western medicine treatment, treatment only detoxification, blood pressure and other symptomatic, and not from the pathological point of protection and restoration of residual nephron, recovery of renal function, the treatment of the disease in our hospital is the Chinese medicine complex dialectical treatment method, it can directly in kidney disease, kidney tissue repair incomplete injury, promote immune complexes and muscle fibroblast apoptosis, accelerate the degradation of extracellular matrix, thereby blocking the accumulation of extracellular matrix, restore kidney structure and renal function, its complications will be effectively controlled, the treatment method our hospital has made a large number of renal failure ultimately extended clinical curative effect.

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