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Got kidney failure 6 years, how long can chronic kidney fail

2017-05-03 09:35
Chronic renal failure is renal insufficiency in third stages, the human glomerular filtration rate decreased, serum creatinine increased, many patients considered to have chronic renal failure after a short time to live, there is no good way to treat, can only wait for death. Of course, this is not the case, now the cancer have a way of prolonging life, although renal stage chronic renal failure, severe atrophy, a large number of glomerular sclerosis, renal interstitial fibrosis, the disease is already very serious, but if early treatment, blocking renal fibrosis and can effectively control the progression of the disease. So chronic renal failure can live long? There is no standard answer to this question, which is closely related to the treatment method, treatment time, the individual constitution of the patient, and the maintenance of the daily life of the patient, diet, psychology and so on. (click on the diet and rest of kidney failure)
For the treatment of chronic renal failure of most hospitals still use the traditional western medicine hormone or dialysis treatment, many patients believe that have felt the western medicine hormone therapy is quick but easy to attack again, dialysis treatment of complications is intolerable, and this method is only palliative, not from the root treatment. Long time also resulted in a complete loss of remnant kidney dialysis function, with the passage of time, the interval time of renal dialysis will become shorter, the number of dialysis will be more and more, the economic burden is getting heavier. Thus, the only way to completely cure chronic renal failure, is the best way to extend the lives of patients.

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