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How does the skin itch of uremic patient do?

2017-05-13 15:08

When the pony comes to the hospital, already entered uremia period. The 28 year old has been suffering from high blood pressure and severe damage to the kidneys. But only a year ago, his diagnosis at a Chinese medicine hospital in Tianjin was just chronic glomerulonephritis. Because I heard that kidney disease with Chinese medicine treatment is better, it has been in this hospital for treatment.

But life is not always so satisfactory. When the pony is in hospital, the creatinine rises slowly from normal, and the more the protein leaks, the worse. To want to finally transferred, Mascherano has appeared serious complications, but still stubbornly high blood pressure, and heart failure and retinal hemorrhage.

Fortunately, the family searched the relevant information of our hospital online and decided to come and have a try. Laboratory tests showed that the creatinine in the pony was 726 moI/L. Recommended reading three daily care methods for uremic patients

And the blood pressure is very high, 210/140mmHg.

Uremia patients,.Jpg

The pony creatinine has been very high, in order to avoid toxins continued against the viscera, temporarily alleviate the serious complications, we decided to use the blood purification therapy in our hospital according to the characteristic of "four" (what is "four"? Look here!).

High blood pressure is a major cause of the ongoing deterioration of pony's condition, which can be slowed down by only controlling it. In addition to the essential antihypertensive drugs, we have combined therapies to smooth the blood vessels and stabilize blood pressure, lowering the pony's blood pressure and maintaining stability.

This is the result of the pony's blood pressure measurement these last few times. Has stabilized at around 130/90.

"I think it's all over now, and it's getting better and better. It's better than black, yellow, black and yellow."." Pony's spirit is much better than when he first came. This is because the toxins accumulated in the body are successfully removed and are not produced in large quantities. Creatinine levels also declined markedly and dropped to 413 moI/L only more than 10 days before dialysis.

Not only that, the pony leak protein situation has also been greatly improved. In two days, we'll arrange the 24h urine protein quantitation for the pony. Let's hope for a miracle together!

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