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Can uremic hemodialysis cause alkalosis?

2017-09-03 17:01

Uremia is a common clinical syndrome of various advanced renal diseases. Some patients will choose to do hemodialysis for treat uremia, hemodialysis is the patient's blood into the artificial kidney to clean the blood of toxins and put the blood into the body of the patient, circulating a few times to remove toxins, although this method has effect but have certain side effects.

Uremia hemodialysis prone to side effects, alkalosis is a kind of. The liquid used for dialysis contains a large number of bases to alleviate metabolic acidosis in uremic patients, but there is usually no acid in the poison, so dialysis is prone to alkalosis. Symptoms of alkalosis are nausea, vomiting, malaise, etc.. Severe heart rate disorder or even death can occur.

Uremia patients should pay attention to daily health care, first, to ensure a light diet. Because the kidney function of the patient is greatly reduced, it is impossible to eat the meat and greasy food, which can increase the burden on the kidneys and make the condition worse. Second, don't mess around with your medicine. Drugs generally have side effects, which can cause great damage to the patient's kidneys, especially for long periods of time. Severe kidney failure can be a serious problem. Third, to prevent high blood pressure. The level of blood pressure affects the function of the kidneys. Fourth, to add the appropriate amount of water. The patient should drink less water, reduce the amount of urine, which can reduce the burden on the kidneys, excessive drinking water can cause inflammation of the urethra, people with metabolic diseases also lead to kidney stones. Uremia poses a great threat to the health of the patients. We should actively prevent uremia.

Uremia is a great threat to the health of patients. Although hemodialysis can be done, the effect is still good, but it has some side effects. Therefore, we should take various measures to actively prevent uremia, low protein diet, eat more food that good digestion and rich in vitamins, but also pay attention to the amount of calcium, potassium, timely replenishment but not excessive.


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