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How to prevent uremic pruritus

2017-09-11 17:49

The harm that uremia brings to the patient is very fierce. And some uremia patients are particularly easy in the course of treatment, there are some symptoms of skin itching. The itching in the uremic patients is often unbearable. So, how to prevent uremia accompanied by itching feeling, become a lot of friends confusion. So, how to prevent uremic pruritus?

How to prevent uremic pruritus

1, diet should be light, do not eat or eat chili, mustard and other spicy food, as well as strong tea, coffee and other beverages.

2, eat less fat, high sugar foods, such as desserts, cream and so on.

3, the staple food should eat more roughage, can supplement B vitamins, have protective effect on the skin.

4, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, can ease dry skin.

5, avoid wearing chemical fiber clothing, because the chemical fiber and the skin friction, static electricity, causing irritation of the skin. Should choose loose cotton clothes, new underwear should be washed after wear, so as not to stimulate the skin chemicals.

6, the bath should be scientific, not because the skin dry skin and rub a long time in hot water, make the skin surface of the oil was washed repeatedly, but make the skin more dry, more and more.

7, winter bath, up to 2 times a week, do not use irritating soap bath, usually rinse with water.

8, to control emotions, pay attention to rest, maintain emotional stability, because psychological factors will also affect the sensitivity of the human body to the stimulus.

9, pay attention to keep the skin clean and sanitary, change clothes frequently, avoid skin trauma and infection.

If you want to do to prevent skin pruritus caused by uremia, patient must pay attention to the above every one. Only when each is taken care of, will the chance of skin itching be reduced. Uremia patients in daily life must pay more attention to rest, must not let their bodies too tired, and can not smoke and drink.

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