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How to prevent uremia young people?

2017-09-11 17:58

Uremia this disease has become more and more younger, so we must make a warn to young people, do a good job of prevention of uremia, young people must pay attention to, regular inspection. Here's how does young people prevent uremia.

How does young people prevent uremia?

Because the early symptoms of kidney disease in general is not very obvious, which leads to a lot of people may ignore aspects of urine test and renal function examination of the content, but when serious illness, but missed the best treatment period. Therefore, for our health, we must promptly treat kidney diseases.

Related data show that almost all kidney diseases can be detected by routine urinalysis. Therefore, for young people to prevent uremia, it is necessary to do routine urine test regularly, especially in urine test.

In addition, if the rise after the eyelids swelling or soreness of the waist, and so on, may also be a sign of kidney disease. In the urine, the urine found redness, tiny bubbles more and longer duration, limbs, face, and local skin appear more red spots or erythema and joint pain and other symptoms, should also pay attention to the alert.

For our young people to better maintain the health of the body, the economic conditions are good friends it is best to do a routine urine test and renal function test and B Ultrasound check every six months or a year, especially in high-risk patients who have a family history of kidney disease, and with high blood lipids, hypertension and diabetes should be paid more attention to examination.

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