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How to prevent uremia in daily life?

2017-09-11 18:31

Uremia is very harmful to the human body, it will cause people to have a similar poisoning symptoms, and then will endanger people's health. Then, how to prevent uremia in daily life?

How to prevent uremia in daily life?

It is generally believed that chronic renal failure is a potentially progressive development of renal disease, which is irreversible and can develop and aggravate at a certain stage of the disease course. However, early treatment of chronic renal failure can delay the progression of the disease and reduce the incidence of uremia.

Regular urinalysis is early detection of kidney disease, is a good way to prevent uremia.

Avoid contact with factors that can lead to uremia. Avoid exposure to a chemical agent that contains excessive chemicals that can cause kidney damage, which can lead to uremia.

Don't smoke. Tobacco is bad for the kidneys. The low protein diet in uremic patients should be given a low protein diet, normal adults need the amount of protein per kilogram of body weight 1 - 1.5 grams, uremic patients can only eat 0.5 grams / kg, to reduce production in vivo and retention of nitrogen metabolites. Choose eggs, dairy products, because the amount of protein intake is small, we should try to use more nutritious eggs, milk and other animal protein foods, and less soy products and other vegetable proteins.

In addition, once found that he has uremia early symptoms, must be actively treated, uremia, although it is a fatal disease, but it is not without medicine can cure. For cases without predisposing factors, dialysis treatment may be considered when the renal function is irreversible.

Finally, uremic patients must have to rest, to ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, do not engage in activities beyond strength and power. All of these are ways to prevent and control uremia in life.

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