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What are the complications of long-term hemodialysis?

2017-09-18 16:05

Many patients with advanced uremia are long-term hemodialysis, hemodialysis means artificial kidney dialysis, is the most common and most important treatment methods for patients with advanced uremia. So, what are the complications of long-term hemodialysis?

What are the complications of long-term hemodialysis?

Disequilibrium syndrome of hemodialysis complications: disequilibrium syndrome is one of the most common acute complications. Patients with severe high urea nitrogen disorders tend to suffer from headache, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, convulsions, and severe coma when they begin dialysis.

Blood dialysis complications of air embolism: air embolism is a certain amount of air into the blood vessels, these gases mixed with blood, a foam body fluids to reach right heart and pulmonary artery, blocking blood, can cause heart failure, severe can cause death. Practice has proved that 6ml air injected into the rabbit vein, in a few minutes after the death of rabbits. According to reports, dogs were used in animal experiments, according to 5ml/kg weight calculation, air into the vein, the dog died soon. As mentioned above, when a large amount of air enters the vein and forms an air embolism, the patient's life can be endangered. In the hemodialysis process, coupled with the pressure of the blood pump, improper handling during the operation, can cause air embolism.

Complication of hemodialysis pipeline coagulation: dialysis pipe coagulation often starting at cava filter, due to various reasons in the blood blocking filter fiber precipitation pores, so that the blood gradually solidified, which can be extended to the whole dialysis pipe.

Blood coagulation often occurs in dialysis after 1h, increased to >100mmHg venous pressure, blood pump is not even closed down, that has cava filter is blocked by a blood clot, you should turn off the blood pump, blocking the blood pipe replacement cava filter or all dialysis pipe.

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