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Nursing during the recovery of kidney cancer is critical

2017-10-06 17:05

Patients with kidney cancer should be treated with food diversity, preferably plant-based foods and processed foods. The daily food intake to avoid duplication, try to eat several types of vegetables, intake of vitamin A and vitamin C rich rich fruits, provide enough vitamins for patients, in order to maintain appropriate body weight.

Nursing during the recovery of kidney cancer is critical

Take an active part in sports activities to ensure proper physical strength. Every day you can also eat some red meat, such as lamb, beef, generally recommended to eat some poultry meat and fish, try not to intake soy products. Kidney cancer patients after surgery should pay special attention to smoking cessation, it is best not to drink.

Diet, patients should limit the intake of animal fat, but also to limit the amount of vegetable oil, to ensure adequate intake of sugar. Food should not be too salty, do not eat bad food, but also can not eat burnt food.

Kidney cancer patients after surgery, the special need to know is to avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and so on. And maintain normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar.

In normal life, must consciously protect our kidneys. Eat some black foods are good for kidney. Try not to eat any junk food at the same time.

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