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How to protect renal function after kidney cancer operation?

2017-10-06 17:06

The kidney is the most important organ in the body, once the kidney problems, it will seriously affect the health of the human body at the same time, but also to people's life and work inconvenience, the vast majority of patients with renal cell carcinoma first choice of surgical treatment of patients with renal cell carcinoma, so how to protect renal function after kidney cancer operation? 

How to protect renal function after kidney cancer operation?

Don't mess with your pills. Mixed painkillers, cold remedies and herbal medicines sold on the market have kidney toxicity, not to be eaten without a doctor's prescription, and the common side effects of antibiotics and painkillers in the doctor's prescription are also known. Chinese herbal medicines, in particular, tend to assume that Chinese herbal medicines have no side effects so that they eventually produce irreversible effects. Known herbal medicines and some commonly used Western medicines include herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid.

Building good eating habits. In patients with renal cell carcinoma after surgery is still to maintain a good living habits, not overeating, weight control, smoking drinking. Such as eating food with enough protein, will produce too much uric acid and urea nitrogen metabolic waste, increase the burden of kidney excretion. A large amount of alcohol can lead to hyperuricemia, which can cause metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and lead to kidney disease. In addition, stay up late, eat salty, do not drink water, long-term stay up late, work pressure, love to drink strong tea and coffee, etc., are prone to kidney problems.

The amount of water is not water. Urine retention in the bladder, as easy to breed bacteria after sewer blockage, bacteria through the ureter infection of the kidney, and the surgical patients with renal cell carcinoma should be adequate drinking water, try not to hold back.

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