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Prevention of uremia first need prevention of urinary tract

2017-11-09 17:19

The nursing of uremia not good will cause many complications, aggravating the degree of kidney damage, the improvement of the disease is extremely unfavorable. Pay attention to personal hygiene, regular physical examination can be found in the presence of security risks, effective treatment, to avoid the breeding of adverse factors. Secondly, patients should also pay more attention to diet, to ensure that the human body for all kinds of elements of the demand at the same time, to avoid unreasonable eating caused by two injuries.

Prevention of uremia first need prevention of urinary tract infection

First of all, we need to develop good habits, good work habits are the guarantee of daily energy, irregular schedule will increase the burden on the kidney, kidney disease easily lead to. Do not drink carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks in addition to lead to the loss of calcium, but also increase the risk of kidney disease, so we should try not to drink or drink less carbonated drinks. If there is kidney disease should be treated in time, must not pay attention to, to actively treat, many uremia are from other diseases of the kidney transformation. Especially for elderly patients with kidney disease, the kidney has been aging, poor self recovery ability, more attention should be paid to the usual health care.

Urinary tract infection, sometimes retrograde infection, affecting the kidney, causing kidney damage, so if you have this disease, the need for timely treatment. Kidney function decline some early symptoms need our attention, if we always feel tired tired, sometimes we think that it is not a good rest or work too tired to cause, but there may be kidney damage caused by the need to attract attention. Especially in female patients, anemia occurs in the early stage, which is due to the deposition of metabolites and toxic substances in the body, resulting in the destruction of red blood cells. When we have this symptom, we need to investigate the cause of the kidney. Due to kidney damage can lead to toxic substances deposited in the body, it is possible damage to the digestive system, so when we have poor appetite, nausea and other symptoms of the digestive system it should also consider the corresponding kidney reason.

As usual should drink plenty of water, are also helpful to remove toxins and metabolites, avoid deposition in kidney, damage of kidney, appropriate physical exercise, can accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, increase immunity, at the same time through sweat, can also be waste and toxins, reduce the burden on the kidneys. The protection of the kidney is a long-term process of adherence, the most important thing is to develop good habits.

Uremia patients often low calcium, can eat more calcium content of high food, such as fish, shrimp, meat bone soup, etc..


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