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How to protect arteriovenous fistula during dialysis?

2017-11-15 17:48

An ideal vascular access should have provided sufficient blood flow, frequent use, characteristics and fewer complications, convenient application of long-term patency for hemodialysis, and venous fistula happened to have the ideal vascular access conditions, how to maintain a good internal arteriovenous fistula?

How to protect arteriovenous fistula during dialysis?

In addition to the standard operation and use, it is more important to do the protection of arteriovenous fistula during dialysis period, which is divided into the following points:

1. side of the fistula side of the body is not allowed to lift heavy objects, injections, infusion, collection of blood specimens, prohibit wearing jewelry, watches and so on.

2. before hemodialysis, hemodialysis after 24 hours, with a hot towel clean, wet compress and fistula vein puncture at day 2 ~ 3 times, and then coated with Hirudoid cream and massage for 5 to 10 minutes, if there are conditions, the available spectrum treatment instrument of infrared irradiation 20 ~ 30 minutes.

3. if there is hemangioma, under the guidance of medical staff, use elastic bandage to protect, avoid collision, clean skin before each hemodialysis.

4. using internal fistula dialysis, let the nurse tied elastic bandage, internal fistula without bleeding principle, to ensure the patency of internal fistula, internal fistula pulsation and tremor, self feeling tightness and comfort. Relax the bandage every 20 minutes and relax the bandage 2 hours later.

5. at the end of dialysis fistula, keep the wound dry, avoid contact with water, to prevent infection. If the puncture site hematoma, can hemostasis or ice cold, after 24 hours can be hot, rubbed and Hirudoid swelling, such as induration fistula, daily inunction with Hirudoid massage, 2 times / day, 15 minutes each time.

6. develop self inspection of internal arteriovenous fistula patency habits, 3 times the recommended daily morning and evening, at least 1 times each, specific methods: 2 ~ 3 fingers in arteriovenous fistula, determine the fistula patency, fistula patency touch vascular thrill, with ears to hear vascular murmur. If the vascular tremor is weakened or disappeared, contact the chief physician as soon as possible.

Good arteriovenous fistula is the basic guarantee to complete hemodialysis treatment, to ensure dialysis adequacy, but also to improve the quality of life of patients, prolong the survival of patients with an important guarantee.


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