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The knowledge that dialysis patients should know

2017-11-20 17:51

How many times a week dialysis is appropriate? Why?

In order to avoid dialysis disequilibrium syndrome during induction dialysis period, it is suggested that the dialysis frequency should be adjusted appropriately. According to the function of anterior residual renal function, dialysis can be started 3~5 times in the first week of dialysis, and then gradually transferred to 2~3 dialysis per week according to treatment response and residual renal function, body volume status, etc..

The knowledge that dialysis patients should know

How much dialysis time is appropriate? Why?

3 times a week for 4 to 4.5 hours / time, can guarantee the total treatment time is not less than 10-12 hours a week. The best dialysis regimen is three times a week, 4 hours each time. Of course, such as short-term daily dialysis program can better close to the physiological state of the human body, reduce long-term complications and improve quality of life.

How much is the weight of each interval? Why?

The weight gain during dialysis was no more than 3% to 5% of dry weight, or daily weight gain was not more than 1kg. Excessive interdialytic weight gain will cause the next predialysis blood volume overload, even for acute pulmonary edema requiring emergency dialysis; will cause increased blood pressure, thereby increasing the heart and cerebrovascular accident probability, reduce the survival rate of the patients; but also because of the need to remove excess water and increase ultrafiltration in hemodialysis. Caused by hypotension, muscle cramps and other dialysis.

Blood pressure control in the range of appropriate? Why?

The goal of blood pressure control in hemodialysis patients was <140/90mmhg before dialysis, <160/90mmhg in the elderly and <130/80mmhg after dialysis, but the systolic pressure should not be lower than 110mmhg. Because the blood pressure is too high can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, low blood pressure may cause hypotension and internal fistula occlusion.

Why do HDF?

General hemodialysis can only remove small molecules of toxins, while HDF can scavenge small molecules toxins and large molecules toxins through two roles of dispersion and convection. Therefore, hemodialysis patients should be given HDF once a week for 1-4 weeks.

The importance of correcting anemia, anemia what is wrong? How to treat anemia is reasonable?

Anemia may lead to fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, even syncope, hypotension and shock in patients with chronic renal failure due to erythropoietin deficiency, malnutrition, iron deficiency and other reasons. To correct anemia, we should use erythropoietin to understand whether there is iron deficiency. If hemodialysis patients have ferritin <200ng/ml and transferrin saturation <20%, iron supplementation is needed. Intravenous is superior to oral iron supplementation.


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