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The harm of dialysis therapy in uremia

2017-11-27 17:52

In patients with uremia, many people choose dialysis therapy in the treatment, in fact, this treatment also has great harm to the human body, many patients do not understand it very well, the following will introduce the harm of dialysis therapy in uremia.

The harm of dialysis therapy in uremia

Dialysis is a separation and purification technique that separates small molecules from biological macromolecules through the principle that small molecules diffuse into the water (or buffer) through the semi-permeable membrane. Dialysis therapy is to make the body fluid components (solute or water) through the semipermeable membrane excreted from the treatment, the general can be divided into two kinds of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

If patients on dialysis for a long time, they will be dependent on it. Patients should understand that dialysis is just an auxiliary tool for the treatment of kidney disease, which can only relieve the pain caused by the disease but can not remove the root. In the long run, it will also have side effects on the human body.

Dialysis can cause kidney function insufficiency. If patients rely on dialysis for long period of time, then the only function of the kidney will lost because of long-term use, and after dialysis will no longer have the ability to procreate.

Dialysis will delay the patient's condition, missed the best timing of treatment. Because after dialysis, the kidneys will gradually no longer work, over time will completely lose the original function, then there is no way to treat and repair. Dialysis can only alleviate the etiology of patients with kidney disease, and can not treat kidney disease, therefore, if want to reduce the harm of dialysis, patients should take proactive treatment.

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