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Polycystic kidney disease, but also double kidney enlargemen

2017-02-02 15:41

Are you looking at your kidney function index, creatinine is more than 707. Your illness is serious, can treat renal cyst in the treatment is the cyst of myrrh, at present time, but will continue to grow, analyze your current situation, must have a good rest, adhere to medication, do not let the cyst rupture, once cyst rupture could endanger the life, such as back pain with hematuria and found the phenomenon, so soon to the hospital for observation, to avoid a life-threatening situation, usually not tired, pay attention to the diet (many kidney patients can not eat food, such as beans and bean products, seafood, pickled products, alcohol, high potassium and high phosphorus foods, light salt) to control blood pressure, anemia and other complications, recommend sticking to the hospital for treatment, control of body that delay into uremia, once the index reaches the uremia index, then must control the creatinine index, can choose conservative treatment (drug therapy ), dialysis (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplant). At present, dialysis costs ranging from around, but once a week dialysis 2 times, then the cost is three thousand or four thousand, transplant the higher costs, operation costs about 200000, the transplant will continue to take anti rejection drugs and protection, domestic drug in January five thousand or six thousand, selection of imported drugs is more than 10000 yuan, so now you must be good with the treatment don't jump into uremia. Once into uremia, then the equivalent of money to continue life

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