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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of traditional Chines

2017-02-02 15:38

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal insufficiency, in fact, renal dysfunction is a gradual process, the occurrence and development of renal function is also the process of gradual damage. For the treatment of renal insufficiency, experts suggest that patients should pay attention to timely and effective treatment measures in the early stage. What is the treatment of renal insufficiency in patients with nephrotic syndrome, which requires a comprehensive treatment. So, kidney disease patients with renal insufficiency how to treat it?:
At this point, the treatment of renal insufficiency not only to spend a lot of money, the difficulty is quite large, and even the lives of patients with crisis. Therefore, the early intervention of lifestyle, early treatment, the key to the progress of delaying kidney disease. Patients should be aware of their own conditions, to attract high attention, to regularly check, pay attention to changes in blood pressure and swelling, with the doctor for timely and effective treatment.
A key step in renal dysfunction is to limit protein intake. Patients with renal insufficiency should be given high quality low protein diet, while the supply of adequate calories of carbohydrates (Steamed Rice and noodles), intake of edema patients to limit salt, calcium in doctor guidance. If you want to limit the high potassium content of food, should be careful to eat fruit, vegetables.
How to treat Chinese double renal insufficiency of traditional Chinese medicine, double renal insufficiency developed renal failure is very serious, in patients with advanced renal failure can occur, blood, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and other nervous system symptoms, and bone and water electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders and other symptoms. The main cause of this symptom is the poor renal function caused by the storage of metabolites in the body, especially protein metabolites.
At present, for the treatment of renal insufficiency of traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy recommendation: blocking the process of renal fibrosis from all relevant aspects, progress in cutting nephropathy and uremia, renal function recovery unit reversible, achieve the treatment of renal insufficiency uremia purpose. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to expand the blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, degradation and so on. In early nephropathy to strengthen the anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effect; in the late renal failure, uremia, renal cells that occurred after the phenotypic transformation process, mainly play a strong degradation, to prevent uremia, renal function recovery.

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