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What is the correct treatment of chronic uremia

2017-02-02 15:26

Each kind of disease will have a correct treatment plan, depends on the patient will not choose the professional authority hospital. Each suffering from uremia friends will think of a question, what kind of method is the most effective?! Today, there are many ways to cure the disease, but the patient doesn't know which to choose. So, what is the correct cure of chronic uremia? Let me belong to the site of the kidney disease hospital nephropathy experts to give you talk about it.
Because uremia is due to the occurrence of renal fibrosis lesions caused by, so want to treat uremia can only be a means of the occurrence of fibrosis of the kidney has been restored. This effective method must also be able to do the same, the pathogenesis of renal fibrosis.
In this way, the function of the kidney to be able to truly restore, uremia disease can continue to turn.
Uremia has two kinds of acute and chronic uremia, its treatment is mainly based on the actual situation, such as chronic uremia, the main treatment rules:
First, the cause of the disease and the cause of treatment.
Two, nutrition treatment.
Its core is a low protein diet to slow down the progression of chronic renal failure, improve protein metabolism, reduce egg quality, etc....... Three, antihypertensive treatment.
Blood pressure can be controlled to delay uremia.
There are other such as treatment of renal anemia, renal osteodystrophy, maintaining acid-base balance and prevention of cardiovascular disease in end-stage kidney replacement application. Edema of the lower extremity is also a common manifestation of uremia, imaging examination, if the performance of the kidneys may have to pay attention to the acute renal function damage.
Four, "Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy" cure "in the hospital of Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy" in kidney disease (KDIGO) and accelerate the global Committee of Chinese Medical Association of kidney disease will support, medical institutions led by my website which belong to the kidney hospital, G hospital survey Lipps kidney specialist team cooperation in research and development, with the "section" clinical guidelines of Nephrology based diagnosis method using western medicine and biological international most advanced treatment technology, the integration of domestic TCM investigation results, take "type, due to the comprehensive treatment of symptomatic nephropathy," the patient is a complete set of kidney disease prevention and cure and treatment of integration.
"Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immunotherapy for various renal diseases, the use of the latest international treatment after successful verification, clinical practical, clinical results of new theoretical system which described and significant made important contributions to the development of China investigation and international kidney disease. The Chinese medicine treatment system to achieve broad and profound organic combination of Western medicine and high-end technology between application, for years, had a satisfactory clinical efficacy, in twenty-first Century to treat kidney disease treatment is revolutionary, the achievements in the treatment of kidney disease China landmark event to show the world, much of the medical profession attention and praise.
After that is my kidney experts on chronic uremia correct treatment of what some simple explanation, perhaps you already know a lot of it. Hope to give more than kidney specialist information to help you, if you want to cure uremia must choose a regular hospital, it also helps you to better identify the disease, only an antidote against the disease can let you out of disease. I wish you an early treatment!

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