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What drug treatment of renal insufficiency

2017-01-24 15:24

When patients with renal insufficiency, the treatment of medication should pay special attention to, because the kidney injury is serious, and some drugs have renal toxicity, in the renal insufficiency
Pay more attention to those who take it.
That kidney function is not complete with what medicine treatment?
1, keep the urine volume of 2000 ~ 2500ml/, plus furosemide when necessary.
2, energy mixture (cytochrome C15mg, CO-A100mg, ATP40mg, vitamin B6100mg, insulin, 8 units, potassium chloride 5ml by adding 10% grapes to the United States, the United States and the United States), 10%
Sugar 500ml) intravenous drip, once a day, 2 ~ 4 weeks for a course of treatment.
3, diet control: low phosphorus, low protein diet.
4, edema, BUN and S.G were normal or decreased significantly after treated with drugs for treatment of glomerular disease, namely nephritic type II with prednisone 30mg daily, meglumine
Amide 0.2 grams of vivax intravenous drip for 8 weeks.
5, obvious edema plus furosemide 60 ~ 100mg/ day. The blood pressure of >21.28/13.33KPa Furosemide plus service 60 ~ 100mg/ day. Blood pressure >21.28/13.33kPa
With prazosin 6 ~ 12mg/ (0.5mg for the first, before bedtime, after the dose from 1mg, three times a day increased) and captopril 37.5 ~ 75mg/.
Commonly used in the treatment of renal insufficiency in the treatment of drugs need to always pay attention to the role of renal toxicity, in time to avoid.

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