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Ms. Duan's treatment

2017-01-25 16:09

“I intend to return from Beijing to Guizhou, just passing Shijiazhuang, and can I go to the hospital to see? ”

“Yes, our hospital in Shijiazhuang Xinhua Avenue Friendship Avenue Flying Wing Road on the 5th”

Her name is Duan, 42 years old, her cretonne rose linearly from 400μmol / L to 700μmol / L, the local doctor told her : “This disease can not cure, life can only dialysis” in less than a year. 

When  Duan heard the news that like a bolt from the blue. But she knew she could not fall, because her husband needs her ,two children also need her, so she came to Beijing from Guizhou to find a good treatment. After lived in a hospital in Beijing after a period of time, Ms. Duan learned that the patient who was in the same ward with her got the illness of nephritic syndrome. And she has been treated almost a month, but no effect. So Ms. Duan felt it is just a waste of time here, and she left hospital.

But Ms. Duan did not give up, she thought: I finally came to Beijing,  go back? Subsequently, she adopted her niece's suggestion came to our hospital from Beijing to have a site visit.

The first day, she observed from the treatment to the environment, from the scale to spend, etc., to have field visits. And in the evening, she was going to stay at the hotel,but the doctor has arranged accommodation for her.

Inspection of the day, Ms. Duan felt okay and thought she can have a try with a bit doubt.

When Duan arrived at the hospital, the doctor found her looking dull, because toxins are so much that her lips were white, there still is anemia, so she looks with no spirit.The results showed that creatinine was 689μmol / L, uric acid was 593μmol / L, urea nitrogen was 22.7μmol / L, and creatinine clearance rate was 9.68ml / min. After communicated with her, we learned that her body contains a lot of toxins and anemia, and she felt cold, and without color and smell.

Creatinine straight up, and has no downward trend, in order to control the disease, our hospital gave patients two treatment options: First, hem dialysis, the second is to use our hospital characteristics of Chinese medicine therapy.

Probably treated for a week, Ms. Duan is not afraid of cold, and began to sweat, and urine is not only the smell but also a lot of turbidity

Ms. Duan now takes the dialysis twice a week by using pre-penetration creatinine 220μmol / L. Which also need further treatment, but her husband is still sick in bed at home, her husband need to take care of the early so she discharged early. Duan and doctors made an appointment, that in the fifteenth day or so will come back referral.

After interviewing the patient, I asked the doctor: “Could Duan get out of dialysis in today’s situation?”

Yes. Because now her endogenous creatinine clearance rate of 9.68ml / min, if this indicator as long as the drop to 5ml / min in our hospital, it will be too difficult to get out of dialysis. But as long as she can adapt to doctor's advice, we can repair the damaged glomerular cells and restore its metabolic function through the traditional Chinese medicine ,and it will be more hopeful to get rid of dialysis.


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