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a case of nephropathy

2017-02-11 15:14

From 1 to October this year, the Armed Police Corps Hospital in Chongqing to see patients with kidney disease in nearly 2000 people, accounting for pediatric patients hospitalized for 2/3 year on year, the incidence of childhood kidney disease showed an upward trend year by year." The day before yesterday, the fifth session of the special committee of the armed forces and conferences held in Chongqing Armed Police Corps Hospital, Chongqing Armed Police Corps Hospital of Pediatrics director Xu Peiju warned the children, parents should pay attention to kidney health.

The fifth session of the special committee of the Armed Police Force's conference by the armed police headquarters, organized by the Committee and the Chongqing Armed Police Corps Hospital of armed police contractors, convergence system and related military hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics experts.

Xu Peiju introduction, nephropathy is divided into primary and secondary renal disease, which is mainly manifested in primary nephrotic proteinuria, edema, anemia and abnormal blood biochemistry. If the treatment is not timely, will lead to increased edema, further decline in immune infection life-threatening. Secondary nephropathy is mainly secondary to some diseases, such as allergic purpura, hepatitis B and other conditions of the development of severe renal failure is likely to cause.

"Infants and young children are also likely to occur, young people may also." Xu Peiju said that in recent years, the incidence of childhood kidney disease showed an upward trend year by year, should arouse the vigilance of the majority of parents. Some children with kidney disease with hidden, no obvious symptoms and performance and the development of slow, adult hypertension was found to check out is a kidney disease, may eventually develop into renal failure. Therefore, should be regularly screened and urine of children, has the condition to do a half to one year.

"Clinically, many parents hear to use hormone therapy to worry about children obesity and other side effects, need not." Xu Peiju said that when the condition has the use of hormone indications, do not be afraid, should cooperate with the doctor.


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