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Prevention of kidney disease in children can be avoided

2017-02-11 15:14

More attention should be paid to the treatment of kidney disease in children

Children with kidney disease in the treatment of a special nature, which is not only in the treatment of kidney disease itself on the difficulty of children with more special care. According to the Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center in recent years, the data show that the hospital every year about 20 thousand cases of children with kidney disease. The number of patients with renal failure has an increasing trend. The course of treatment of kidney disease is long and difficult, and it is also a heavy burden for children and their families. In order to better treat children with kidney disease, in addition to the need for major hospitals to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, but also hope to get help from social voluntary groups or children's kidney disease fund support.

The children can carry out hemodialysis hospital, Guangzhou women and children's medical center is currently on children's hemodialysis treatment unit in Southern China's largest, carry out hemodialysis, hemofiltration, plasmapheresis and hemoperfusion, immunoadsorption, blood dialysis filtration, continuous renal replacement therapy, peritoneal dialysis etc. treatment. Among them, hemodialysis has been 25 years of history, renal biopsy technology is rich experience. Perfect medical resource is the basic guarantee for the treatment of kidney disease in children.

Prevention of kidney disease in children can be avoided

Director Li Yingjie introduced to many families, lack of awareness of kidney disease in children, so often have children with delayed the best treatment period to the hospital, originally can timely control of the disease, but for the development of life on dialysis. Therefore, he also hopes to remind parents, if you find the child inexplicable edema, urine and other symptoms to take the children to the hospital for further examination, exclude the risk of kidney disease. In addition, common diseases in children usually cough, colds, tonsillitis and other skin diseases also need attention, active treatment and inspection, so as not to cause kidney disease.

Children with kidney disease is a major hazard, early prevention is very important. Director Li Yingjie called, if parents can find clues from the minor children, the little things in life, early detection and active treatment, many children have kidney disease can be prevented and avoided.


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