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A case of kidney disease

2017-02-14 11:24

In the clinic, often found some nephrotic syndrome patients do some are not aware of their own unhealthy things, really give doctors a sense of some words with deep hatred and resentment, such as stem bone in the throat, to speak out, so in this article, the reader may not think that alarmist.

The South China Sea aunt Wu, there is a clever, handsome boy, husband and wife dote on him like a treasure. Suddenly one day, she found some swelling of the child's face, heel edema. Aunt Wu scared, take the child to the hospital immediately took the needle, some pills back, served 3 days without seeing swelling. Listen to the next Mr Chan said, there is a doctor in Guangzhou suburb soil of good governance is efficacious and effective, nephritis edema, try. Wu aunt will bring the child to the doctor, the doctor is not a physical examination, not only see the two pulse of the tongue, asked whether the hospital diagnosis is nephritis, they pay a herbal package for her expensive. Read a few times, the children become more and more swollen, aunt Wu took the child to our hospital Professor outpatient treatment. Through various laboratory tests, mainly urinalysis, found a large number of protein in the urine of children (i.e., urine routine test report on protein +++~++++), systemic edema, diagnosis is suffering from idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (kidney synthesis). Given a standard high dose of prednisone, taking a week later, the children began swelling, urinary protein also decreased. Taking 4 weeks, not only edema disappeared, there is no proteinuria. Aunt Wu is very happy, and regret to say, so, still believe that science is good.

It reminds me of a lot of things. At present in the streets of Guangzhou with close to the ancestral special medicine nephropathy recipe "and" old army medical medicine nephropathy "street strokes, which are not by the fraudster mad about money, medicine? I remember a philosopher said: the cries of the man of the goods in the market, is often the worst person. From ancient to modern times, to see all the famous hospital, the expert is really capable of advertising in newspapers or on street street?

The medicine proved that the patient should nephritic early treatment, the sooner the better effect. In particular, it should be noted that some of the kidney is not the primary (that is, the cause of kidney disease is unknown). However, it is different from other systemic diseases such as lupus erythematosus. But sometimes the clinical manifestations are very similar, and even experienced doctors, sometimes without detailed testing, it is difficult to accurately diagnose. If the doctor asked a few words like soil, they decided to treatment, it is easy to delay. I always think so, now more and more scientific advancements, just ask, see the tongue, pulse condition to make diagnosis, it is far behind the reality, because many diseases, not after testing is not out of the diagnosis.

Some diseases with traditional Chinese medicine treatment can get good curative effect, rely on hope, smell, ask, cut the traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic method, also can put some diseases diagnosed. However, it should be noted that this is not all, especially for the diagnosis of kidney. More than 30 years ago, I began to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat kidney. Since the use of traditional Chinese medicine, it must be based on syndrome differentiation, in the process of differentiation, I found that if we do not use modern means of testing, it is difficult to distinguish between the kidney is the primary or secondary. Modern medicine shows that the kidney synthesis therapy not only primary and secondary, even in primary nephrotic syndrome, pathological types, treatment methods are also different, do not understand the diagnosis, indiscriminate use of drugs, rarely without delay. Here, I advise the patient suffering from kidney, you should first find out where the doctor to diagnose, before deciding how to treat, this is a wise move.

Some kidney patients like to see both western medicine, Chinese medicine, western medicine to eat together, that is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the disease will be faster. In fact, this is wrong. Because the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine do not understand each other to open what drugs and their drug resistance, it is prone to traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in grams, not only can not achieve good curative effect, side effects should not happen will happen. For example, in patients with large dose of prednisone in kidney, such as traditional Chinese medicine of Nourishing Yin, can increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects of prednisone, which is the most nephrologists agree. If the use of traditional Chinese medicine of Zhuang Yang, at this time of replenishing qi and blood, will increase the side effects of prednisone. So, look at the western medicine to eat Western medicine, while also looking for Chinese medicine to open the traditional Chinese medicine to eat, Chinese and Western medicine treatment is not desirable. Of course, I am in favor of the comprehensive treatment of Chinese and Western medicine for patients with kidney, that is, by a doctor at the same time to open Chinese and Western medicine, or Chinese medicine and Western medicine in close cooperation with each other, to draw up their own prescriptions. The ventilation, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment is called mixed ways of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine.


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