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Kidney crisis lurking everywhere

2017-02-14 11:52

Kidney crisis lurking everywhere

The 28 year old Lin on the way to work, suddenly fainted, was well intentioned people to the hospital for examination, examination revealed renal failure stage has entered Kobayashi, Kobayashi has somehow got uremic uremia, was sentenced to death. Usually no disease, no pain, suddenly suffering from uremia, life is not uncommon.

In fact, sometimes appear kidney danger signal is very small, can be neglected, especially modern people do not put the ailment seriously, once problems like Kobayashi as has seriously to irreversible.

Kidney disease is a terrible disease, his terrible thing is that in the early stages of kidney disease may not have any symptoms, but if there is a problem, it will be very serious. Many people eat, sleep, diet without restraint, especially in modern society, to speed up the pace of life, work pressure, many people neglect their health, Shu do not know, in fact every day in nephropathy quietly lurking in the quietly destroy your renal unit, a little nibble your health.

Good selection of hospital treatment kidney

Kobayashi's situation was advanced uremia, have to transplant the point, but the kidney is the pain of patients, after all, the cost of a kidney transplant is too high, but it is very difficult to find the right kidney. In a friend referral, Kobayashi in the professional nephrology hospital - Jingdong hospital, responsible for each patient in strict attitude, the hospital sent from Germany, the United States and domestic senior experts on health, illness, disease Kobayashi and recovery degree for a special consultation. Kobayashi belongs to the late stage of uremia, after consultation, the experts unanimously recommended not suitable for dialysis, but not suitable for transplant. Kobayashi's disease can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine immune balance therapy can be stable and conservative treatment, after all, Kobayashi is still young, if the clinical doctor to give effective treatment, the effect will gradually improve. And the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapy immune balance itself is for individual physique, duration of disease, pathology and by a doctor for patients with a separate set of solutions, for the individual stage of treatment and treatment in different and timely adjustment scheme. According to the dynamic state of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment system, the patients were divided into two groups. The patients were divided into two groups. The patients were divided into two groups. The patients were divided into two groups.

Kobayashi has been in the hospital for some time, and now the state has improved significantly, if you continue to go on treatment, the recovery is likely to be completely cured.

Kobayashi has been able to so quickly to play such a good therapeutic effect in the hospital with before treatment, after treatment and the whole process of management concept, the patients in the treatment of the body of the inner and outer environment as a whole background of attention, such as in addition to drug treatment also includes effects on disease the management of patients with emotional factors, patient health care and follow-up management of drug interactions in human whole environment caused by toxic effects against management measures and so on, through the physical regulation, drug regulation, mood adjustment, diet adjustment and management of the full multi angle adjustment, gradually adjust and cure the patients.


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