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Practice sole criterion for testing truth

2017-05-04 15:22
My name is Wang Yuanyuan, from the county town of Suide County in Shaanxi Province, this year 29-year-old.When I was 3 years old, That is, 1986, I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome Recurrent edema and proteinuria for 25 years, my youth run out of the road in the vast doctor, until I meet the complex-energy of kidney medicine...
I was 3 years old (1986) that because the body without any bloated by a local hospital with a diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome, At that time have been using hormone (can't remember) in the treatment of specific what medicine has been used, after conversing a gradual withdrawal.Later, at the age of 7 (1991), 10-Year-old (1994) when the patient repeated 2 times, One is using hormone therapy for relapse, the next time treat the folk prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, is the urine of egg white turns after shade will gradually stop taking the medication, the disease is relatively stable.To 2009, She had a sudden attack The whole body is bloated, Eyes swollen, swollen belly, With a body of water, eat bread or drink water is difficult, therefore, were admitted to local hospitals, is using prednisone and Tripterygium wilfordii and a drip, review around January and urinary egg white cloudy.Continue to use the hormone also drink after traditional Chinese medicine, One use is for one year, but the test indexes were also normal, it is a pity that the hormone decrement to stop using his illness recurred after 1-2 months, re-testing, urine egg white 3 +, the quantitative of urinary egg white 4.6 g for 24 hours.I went to another well-known local hospitals, The doctor or a corticosteroid (prednisone, Jinshuibao, enalapril), My hormone is very sensitive, a hormone and urinary egg white immediately turned gloomy, but it is a pity that with a year of hormone, such as the drug stopped the onset of the disease in 2-3 months.I just want this diabolical Why is it so difficult to cure the disease, and the haunting wound on himself.When my family and I'm really scared, no longer dare to use hormone therapy, and because I feel that my disease is cured by Western medicine.
After the family asked around, and ultimately heard in Shijiazhuang which kidney disease hospital, only to be told by the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, by external application of traditional Chinese medicine, the effect is good.On the western medicine has completely given up, I think no matter good or bad, Go to have a try later, I don't believe the hype, Just think that this method also is some truth, yeah, I have a certain appeal, the effect or to experience didn't know, practice is the sole criterion of truth.So, July 8th 2012, I came to the complex energy to move 16 ward.
After the hospital, the patient was found, and after, the hospital looks very normal, everything is in order.Through and talk to the roommate, and my heart put down the big half.The attending physician was Dr. Liu, the hospital arranged for me Through her communication, I found out, There's something wrong with kidney is a terrible thing, once your illness worsens not be timely and effective treatment, and ultimately will be the road to death.I'm not 30 years old, There are a lot of things waiting for me to do, I have a mom and Dad, I want to give them proper burials, And it hurt my husband, I want to give his name, there are a lot of good things in life and I have not experienced, the more I want to be more frustration, the heart is very painful, my heart sank off the floor.Dr. Liu carefully read my mind, Her treatment of the patient told me the hospital--part of the whole and the complex-energy of kidney medicine renal region through drug therapy, Tell me that this approach is fundamentally repair damaged kidneys to restore renal function, Rather than go before that simply drop the egg white plus the old, only by adjusting the whole, the function of body to enhance kidney treatment and recovery will be more effective.In understand the etiology and treatment of principle, my negative feelings and concerns about eliminating, and my heart began to have hope.
My legs edema at admission, fatigue, dark yellow urine of egg white is 2, the rate of glomerular filtration is 90, creatinine 55.7.Through 16 experts, A thorough consultation, the Director and Dr. Liu After half a month of treatment, my pee egg white cloudy, the quantitative of urinary egg white and 0.08 g for 24 hours, edema disappeared, too strong, complexion is ruddy also started up.To face the effect of this treatment, I'm pleased, But Dr. Liu told me that we must adhere to therapy, Because this disease is very subtle, A little cold, Fatigue will be a relapse, So now cannot be taken lightly. Can't quit while you're ahead, the need to consolidate the treatment, because the repair of the kidney essence requires a certain amount of time, plus the ten standards, the mentality of the eight, the condition will get better.August 3rd 2012, After 27 days in hospital, My condition gradually stabilized, Quantity: 0.03 24 hours urine of egg white, I decided to take medicine for the treatment of home, but I left Dr. Liu told me firmly in the mind, can never relax when I get home.
The treatment of this half-time of taking medicine at home, On the diet and the same time in the hospital, every day is basically eating steamed rice, steamed bread, potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, millet congee, corn porridge, etc.;I think there has been a qualitative change in my body, Not like before, always sleepy, Weak and exhausted, For half year, I fully cooperate with the treatment plan, Dr. Liu For external use twice a day, Each month, liver and kidney function, blood routine test, quantitative examination of 24 hours urine of egg white, in the meantime, the symptoms of these tests were normal, so I feel very happy.
February 21st 2013, My husband and I took the train to Shijiazhuang which kidney disease hospital is the next time, Remember the weather in January/the first month is still cold, but my heart is hot, think of the place is very excited to bring the turning point of their own destiny.The mood was no longer afraid of being cheated, my heart is very calm.This came to the complex-energy, We also did a full workup, I'm most concerned about is the ECT index The good news is that my rate of filtration is 90 a year ago, This is 93, Although not much longer, But I am very happy, On my disease development in the right direction, This means that the drug has no white to do for six months to do, Money's worth, Effort wasn't in vain, In addition to my other indicators are normal, I am very grateful to my doctor, Dr. Liu and the 16 ward and all the medical staff, Because of your professional focus, our only hope for these patients with nephropathy, life is full of passion again.This time we take medicine to go home March 4th, I believe that after the treatment of your patience in the near future I will be able to work like normal people, life and give birth to a healthy, happy baby.

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