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Kidney specialist -- Zhanping Wang

2017-05-24 11:50
Zhanping Wang
Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital expert: Zhanping Wang 
Experts, deputy chief physician, currently the five branch of Shijiazhuang nephrology hospital, vice president of business, members of the expert group.
Working in more than forty years, has accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of kidney disease, and its focus on a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. In clinical treatment, good at diagnosis and analysis of the disease, seize the cause, from the root of the treatment of kidney disease. Good at summing up the results achieved, and modern theory of combining the formation of systematic experience.
Kidney specialist
As the backbone of the research group of Shijiazhuang nephrology hospital, it provides a large number of clinical basis for the study, and skillfully applies the new theory to the clinical treatment. The individual particularity also focus on disease clinical director Wang Zhanping, take a very flexible and targeted therapy, which avoids the disadvantages of pure western medicine drugs, and to find the etiology of radical treatment.

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