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How to Eat Properly of Nephritis Patients

2017-03-17 20:20

A lot of nephritis patients because there is no timely detection of symptoms of nephritis, get timely and appropriate treatment, so that the deterioration of the disease, in the end to their health caused no harm. We are very interested in the treatment of nephritis, in fact, the most simple way to treat nephritis is to pay attention to diet.


Nephritis patients should be how to eat properly


Nephritis of people should eat easy to digest, the nature of peace and no excitant food, so you can avoid aggravating intestinal and kidney burden. Avoid eating fried fried or smoked is not easy to digest food, avoid spicy excitant food, avoid eating large amounts of oxalate spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, Jichi soybeans and soybean products, animal offal, concentrated chicken soup contains a lot of purine food, to avoid excessive uric acid, unfavorable for nephritis.


Nephritis patients should eat carbohydrate foods and starchy foods, because these foods in vivo metabolism, resulting in water and carbon dioxide, will not increase the burden on the kidneys. At the same time should eat vitamins, especially vitamin C, carotene, riboflavin, fresh vegetables and fruits.


Patients in the early stage of the disease, avoid eating a high protein diet, average daily per kilogram of body weight should not exceed 1 grams, grams per day can be limited in 35~40. This is because the protein metabolism in the body, can produce a variety of nitrogenous waste, which will increase the burden of kidney excretion. Especially in the case of decreased renal function, decreased urine volume, but also lead to increased levels of non protein nitrogen in the blood, the formation of uremia. For animal fat, although not strictly limited, but also avoid eating more.


Nephritis patients bogey salt, folk have a hundred days of salt, said, in particular, renal dysfunction, the ability to regulate the ability of sodium is bad, edema, oliguria, elevated blood pressure, avoid salt is very necessary. Soy sauce containing potassium and sodium free, normal renal function, urine volume and a lot of blood potassium is not high, people can be. But if kidney function in patients with poor urine volume and less, and when used with caution. Because potassium is excreted in the urine, if the urine quantity is less, less is more potassium eduction, eating salt soy sauce may be hyperkalemia, which could endanger the heart, even the suppression of heart beating and accidents.


Nephritis diet diet principles


Nephritic diet 1, limit the amount of liquid. Chronic nephritis patients with hypertension and edema, to limit the intake of liquid. Daily intake should be controlled at 1200-1500 ml, including beverages and dishes containing 800 ml of water. If the edema is serious, the amount of water should be strictly controlled. In the case of urination, it may be appropriate to relax.


Nephritis diet 2, contain high purine content and high nitrogen content of food. In order to reduce the burden on the kidneys, renal cell stimulation should be limited to food, such as spinach, celery, radishes, beans, bean products, sardines and chicken soup, fish soup and broth. Because these foods contain high levels of purine and nitrogen, in the renal dysfunction, the metabolites can not be discharged in time, have a negative impact on renal function.


Nephritis diet 3, avoid high-fat foods. Patients with chronic nephritis hypertension and anemia symptoms, animal fat is unfavorable to hypertension and anemia, because fat can aggravate atherosclerosis and inhibit hematopoietic function, so it should not be excessive consumption of patients with chronic nephritis. But chronic nephritis, such as no fat intake, the body will become more weak, so in daily life can be replaced by vegetable oil, 60 grams a day or so.


How much should the drinking water of the kidney patients


Normal urine volume of 2 days - a total of 1 kg, acute nephritis, acute renal failure, oliguria and nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure accompanied by oliguria patients, to control the amount of water. Because drink them discharged out, water retention in the body edema, but also easy to increase blood pressure, the water quantity in urine volume 500 ml is appropriate. Urine volume increased after the water can be relaxed. Urine volume of patients with normal water intake is not limited. In addition, the patients with urinary infection such as acute pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, in addition to timely treatment medication, more water, more urination of disease rehabilitation is very favorable.


Can you eat fish and shrimp kidney patients' food


Fish food, some kidney patients consciously do not eat, think it is not good, the kidney in fact, this kind of food quality protein, in allergic diseases such as allergic purpura, purpura nephritis due to suspected protein allergies or fish allergy should be used with caution, usually without taboos. Some patients with kidney disease is not serious and dare not eat protein, or the condition of the need to limit protein and sometimes do not care is not correct. Fish, shrimp, eggs, meat is rich in animal protein, human cells, the tissue structure of the main material, is very important to the body, eating food containing protein after liver decomposition, renal excretion, so when kidney function decline, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of protein, which can satisfy the nutritional needs of the body's metabolism, and do not increase the burden of kidney principle.


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