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Acute nephritis can eat what vegetables

2017-03-17 20:27

Patients with acute nephritis can eat what 'a lot of Vegetable & Fruit acute nephritis patients have raised this issue, because the diet taboo of acute nephritis, many patients are eating some high quality low protein carnivorous, so rarely ate Vegetable & Fruit. Therefore, experts on this issue to solve the problem.

The doctor said that due to fan kidney function causes acute nephritis patients, there are a lot of Vegetable & Fruit are not edible, so now let's look at the following acute nephritis patients can eat Vegetable & Fruit.

1, radish:

The radish is rich in vitamin C and a variety of human body needs vitamins and nutrients, such as minerals' calcium, phosphorus and iron '; and contains crude fiber, lignin, methyl mercaptan, hydrogen mucin, amino acid, iodine, potassium, manganese, boron and other beneficial to human beings, has Qingrejiedu, thirst diuretic effect.

2, melon:

The melon is rich in vitamin C, and melon contains sodium content is low, so it is suitable for edema and other symptoms in patients with hypertension eating. But the melon skin nutrition and function and melon hospital, and diuresis effect.

3, gourd:

Gourd cold sweet taste, the use of acute nephritis patients in favor of water lover, to eliminate the effect of edema and abdominal distension.

4, pumpkin:

Pumpkin contains vitamin rich. According to the research of modern medicine, pumpkin is very effective in preventing diabetes, hypertension and kidney and liver disease symptoms, help to alleviate the deterioration of renal function, and the regenerative capacity of the renal cells have enhanced effect. Pumpkins have Buzhong, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.

5, lettuce

Lettuce leaves are rich in vitamin C and carotene and protein, acute nephritis patients with oliguria, hematuria symptoms can be used as diuretic lettuce. Alleviate the symptoms of hematuria.


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