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Vegetarianism is good for kidney

2017-03-17 20:23

A new study suggests that sticking to a vegetarian diet can help kidney disease patients avoid accumulating toxic levels of phosphorus in their bodies. Patients with kidney disease must limit their intake of phosphorus, because high levels of minerals can lead to heart disease and death. Although the medical guidelines recommend a low phosphorus diet in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), the phosphorus content is not included in the food label.
Patients followed a vegetarian or meat based diet for a week, followed by the opposite diet two to four weeks later. Blood and urine tests were performed at the end of the two week diet. Although the concentrations of protein and phosphorus in the two diets were similar, the level of serum phosphorus was decreased and the excretion of phosphorus in the urine was decreased compared with that of the vegetarian diet. The authors conclude that their study suggests that dietary protein sources have a significant impact on phosphorus levels in patients with CKD.
Computer games can help children fight obesity: Although parents are often worried about the negative effects of computer games on children, New Zealand scientists have found that the game is really good for children.
In a two-year study of 300 children from the Oakland University, scientists have been studying the continued use of the game, it has active elements, such as the dance pad or motion sensor is good for overweight children.
The results of the study showed a positive effect on the body mass index (TVNZ) between 10 and 14 of active players, while children who did not regularly play the game in the control group reported Tuesday.
According to lead researcher Ralph Maddison, the impact is small, but the display of the game can keep the child active.
The results suggest that this technique may be a series of health interventions. It could have a major impact on how health professionals fight obesity epidemics or develop rehabilitation programs, "he said.
"At the same time, because of the traditional electronic game attraction at the individual level, electronic games, parents may be more successful in encouraging the sedentary instead of the more active games, instead of trying to prevent children and young people full of game."
U.S. researchers said on Wednesday, there is no evidence that the virus causes chronic fatigue in mice: a study of 2009 main claims in mice with viral causes of chronic fatigue syndrome is wrong, it may be found in laboratory contaminated samples based on.
"There is no evidence of this mouse virus in human blood," said Jay, a senior author at the University of California in San Francisco, in the journal Science this week.".
In contrast, the mouse virus XMRV virus is a sample of patients with chronic fatigue picked up may be due to chemical reagents and cell lines used in the laboratory, it was identified as viral contamination, the University said in a statement.
The 2009 study was hailed as a breakthrough in the estimation of one to four million Americans suffering from an elusive but debilitating disease and has led many people to treat HIV / AIDS with antiretroviral drugs.
The authors of the study say experts need to continue to look for causes that can last for years, leading to memory loss, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, and even insomnia.
"People with chronic fatigue syndrome need to know that taking antiretroviral therapy will not help them, they can do serious harm," co-author Konstance Knox in Milwaukee Wisconsin virus research group said, Wisconsin.


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