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5 Philippines foods promote kidney health

2017-03-17 20:24

It's hard to stay away from Philippines food. From our famous rich stew to the teeth stinging dessert, each dish is friendly and Ramon carnival. "Health" does not necessarily mean cooking, which is a problem for people with chronic kidney disease. But don't be depressed! A lot of Philippines food is good for the kidneys.
According to the National Kidney Foundation's nutrition and chronic kidney disease Handbook (2006), according to the renal function of patients with stage, it is to obtain high quality protein, limit the amount of sodium, phosphorus, and potassium intake, there is enough liquid (do not need to be in the early stages of kidney disease, limited) and take special vitamins and minerals. Taking into account these, you will find some of Philippines's staple foods, such as onions, garlic, rice, tofu, catfish, shrimp, pineapple, promote healthy kidney. Go with your dietitian to signal that there are some classic Philippines kidney recipes that you can take advantage of.
Delicious snacks or merienda:Lumpiang Sariwa
Soft package of delicious vegetables and sweet soy sauce is an appetizer of light healthy snacks or merienda with kidney disease. The use of low protein (tokwa) ED tofu fried onion, garlic, canola oil. Join Sauteed Green Beans and lettuce, this is the smallest K and Chayotes, which is low in sodium. This packaging is made from white flour, because it reduces the amount of potassium and phosphorus, so that the better alternative to whole wheat flour. If you're going to start packing, mix flour with egg whites, canola oil, salt and soy milk or rice milk. Sweet soy sauce should be replaced by low potassium soy sauce and white sugar. Finally, it is not recommended for the treatment of chronic renal failure patients.
Healthy Ulam: chopsuey
Combined chopsuey beat any boring mixed salad vegetables delicious. Those with kidney disease will be happy. Its usual ingredients, such as cabbage, broccoli and green beans, are very low in potassium, which is ideal because of its protein content. Just remove the carrots, because these are high potassium, and use the white mushrooms. To reduce the salt in the diet, steamed rice is very good.
Cate: Inihaw Na Hito
Catfish is a protein rich food, low cholesterol, beneficial to the heart, and recommended for patients with renal failure. Grilled and served with shredded green mango and tomato Sasa side, it feels like you enjoy a big meal on the beach.
Dinner: paella
Due to the widespread influence of Spain in the country, this classic recipe has been adapted for the Philippines cuisine, which is a staple at parties and gatherings. For a friendly version of the kidney, the use of rice naturally reduces sodium and potassium, which is also a good source of energy. Stir fried with saffron, garlic (as much as possible) and onions (low potassium and lower heart disease). But in the low potassium flavor of sweet pepper and green beans high suitable for patients with chronic kidney disease, and collocation of high-quality protein and a little chicken meat shrimp complete dish. Cook until it boils, and look at the delicious celebration. Just avoid using sausages and stocks, though, because these have too much sodium.
There is always a pineapple dessert: Trent
Instead of classic bananas, high potassium fruits are not recommended for use in patients with chronic renal failure, using low potassium pineapple. Many of the benefits of fruit, including its reduced sodium and phosphorus content and natural sweet taste, are why you can have this dessert occasionally. Package and fried in canola oil, enjoy this treatment after light meal.

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