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What should pay attention to in the diet fro renal failure

2017-03-17 20:34

Some time ago, my father was diagnosed suffering from renal failure, in the hospital for a period of time after the illness had some improvement, the doctor gave his father a further treatment after father's condition has been basically recovered, but the doctor also highlighted some of the things of renal failure patients in the diet should pay attention to on, I feel for these patients with renal failure is very helpful, then sorted out and share with everyone, we hope to help.


1 patients with renal failure in the diet should pay attention to light, avoid spicy spicy food. Patients should eat more lean meat, beef, fish, eggs and other high-quality animal protein diet. To use a low salt diet, if there is swelling or high blood pressure, but also less water.


2 patients with renal failure should pay attention to diet, avoid hard food and fried foods in the diet. The patient because of toxins in vivo retention and other reasons will lead to gastrointestinal mucosa congestion, erosion. Therefore, in order to avoid bleeding in the stomach and blood vessels in the stomach, the patient is not suitable for eating sesame cake, sugar and other hard food, as well as fried foods.


3 patients with renal failure in the diet should pay attention to the careful use of dogs, sheep, cattle and other meat products. Medical experts say dog meat, lamb, beef and other things, easy to make patients sicker or recurrent, so patients with renal failure is best not to use such food.



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