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How long do diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy can b

2017-05-04 14:24
Can the treatment of diabetic nephropathy? It is increasingly common for diabetic nephropathy According to experts the relationship between diabetes and renal failure is necessary, That's a lot of people often ignore the problem, experts say that many people do not understand why the relationship between diabetes mellitus and renal failure? The clinical observation showed that diabetes can lead to the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy and diabetes renal failure. How long do diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy can be cured?Can be treated? Let's look at the medical profession, the latest research suggests that diabetes the pathogenesis of chronic renal failure are as follows: 1. Diabetic patients after long-term high blood sugar into the cells led to the increase of the activity of related enzymes Thus contributed to enzymes and proteins to form complexes, deposition in glomeruli and glomerular suffered severe damage, leading to diabetic nephropathy; 2. As a result of high blood sugar in patients with diabetes, Causing the biochemical composition of the glomerular abnormality Due to increased permeability of blood vessels, Plasma leakage of egg white, to participate in the formation of glomerular sclerosis, after the appearance of diabetic nephropathy did not receive timely specialized treatment, leading to diabetic nephropathy; 3. The high level of growth hormone in plasma of the patients with diabetes, And high blood sugar in sugar and protein complex formation, and thus aggravated the damage of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy in advance. In addition, the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy and diabetes likely secondary to a variety of infections, repeated serious infections of urinary tract can cause renal cortical necrosis.The early stage of diabetes, Of the latent damage to the kidneys, The symptoms of kidney disease is not obvious, But with the extension of diabetic renal failure process, The State became obvious glomerular sclerosis, An increasing number of glomerular involvement, the more the faster development later, eventually leading to symptoms such as proteinuria, and, ultimately, the progress of diabetic nephropathy. Kuo leaves and the complex-energy of kidney medical experts found that the quality of glycemic control and urine albumin has a close relationship.Therefore, at the time of blood glucose control, we should pay attention to the intake of protein.

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