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How to check the diagnosis of nephritis

2017-05-04 14:44
With the acceleration of the pace of social progress The aggravation of competition, a lot of people living under the environment of long-term living in a kind of forced, whether it is on the physical and psychological brought a great impact.For the purposes of our bodies, With a variety of chronic diseases in different age and gender groups increasingly common phenomenon, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, uremia, and so on.So that people have a clear understanding: how important is how to have a healthy body!Therefore, to actively prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases Also it is important, in respect of the case of nephritis, her condition long last a long time, improper treatment of late stage is very easy to cause the kidney failure, the consequences of uremia.That how to prevent the occurrence of nephritis? Kuo leaves and the complex-energy of kidney medicine noted that: To prevent nephritis in life, The occurrence of uremia and not a very good method of prevention Only by means of a variety of tests, such as the clinical routine kidney examination, urine routine, blood routine, renal function, B-ultrasound, and a simple analysis below: 1. Routine urine and 24 hours urine of egg white quantitative analysis of the checking is to determine the specific gravity of urine red blood cells, hemoglobin, egg white, tubular, urine, bacteria, white blood cells and other indicators.Through the analysis of the results of the inspection of egg white and occult blood in urine can also see whether or not the function of the kidneys is damaged, For example, urinary egg white (+), when positive occult blood test (+), etc., Require attention, and can be reviewed on numerous occasions, early discharge or was found that in glomerulonephritis disease. 2. Blood routine, primarily to determine blood red cells, white cells, platelets and so on. 3. The renal function, the main determination of blood electrolyte, pH, renal function and liver function changes. 4. B-ultrasound to determine the size of the kidney, the thickness of cortex and medulla, with or without obstruction and renal echo characteristics. With the continuous improvement of medical treatment level Some kind of a routine examination of the above, To some extent, Not satisfied with the structure of complex renal pathology A lot of what's going on and can't be found in time, that is, upon checking a lot of people don't know exactly what is the function of the kidneys is not.Therefore, the emergence of kidney-specific ect, greatly to solve this kind of problem.Experts point out that: Renal ECT may by a computer accurately measure the blood perfusion of the kidneys, glomerular filtration rate, and renal tubular excretion, is a dynamic kidney function to check the instruments.In particular, the complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital in Weifang, Shandong kidney-specific ECT is an exclusive introduction from the United States's company, According to the characteristics of the human kidneys in Asia, Specially designed for kidney-specific ect, To make the results more accurate, A very important guiding significance for the clinical treatment and prognosis, Also characterized by kidney-specific bone trauma on the human body, Compared with biopsy of percutaneous renal (kidney) will not cause secondary damage to the kidneys, therefore in the clinical long has been more and more popular.

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