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Treatment of children with kidney disease

2017-05-05 18:20

At present, many children with nephrotic syndrome, experts warned that the treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome, absolutely not in accordance with the adult treatment, in this case, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts summed up the following points for the treatment of pediatric kidney disease.

The application of hormone for 1 newly diagnosed children with nephrotic syndrome, commonly used oral prednisone dose, the best daily from 1.7mg/kg to 2mg/kg, the amount should not exceed 60mg/, the urine protein was negative after hormone reduction time and method is very important, and to prevent relapse, generally by the transitional reduction method.

2 in order to prevent children with large doses of hormones which affect their growth and development, in the course of treatment must be combined with calcium, Cod Liver Oil so as not to affect the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and other ancillary aspects, such as children with endocrine and nervous spirit but also pay more attention to the children may appear restlessness, irritability, hyperactivity or merge diabetes.

3 to fully consider the influence of some drugs such as cyclophosphamide on the development of gonad in children. And according to the needs of the children's age, sex selection, medication timing, to avoid causing infertility especially after the children, but also should pay attention to some of the side effects of cyclophosphamide and physiological psychology of children, need to pay attention to in the water when the amount and speed of infusion, so as to avoid the pain should not happen.

4 the importance of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome. Traditional Chinese medicine can play three roles in the treatment of nephropathy: the role of direct elimination of protein; second, the role of adverse effects of Western medicine; prevention of repeated infection. And many experts have reached a consensus on the treatment of nephropathy and nephropathy with combination of TCM and Western medicine, especially for the treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome, which is better than simple western medicine treatment effect is good, and the treatment of the traditional Chinese medicine also stressed the role of nursing care of the spleen and stomach.

5 actively prevent or control infection. Kidney patients with reduced resistance, it is easy to infection, and once the body infection, a direct impact on the efficacy of kidney disease. In particular, because of the particularity of the patient with the age of the kidney, many times it is not able to correctly express their condition, so as to cause the doctor missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. In view of this, the need for a comprehensive kidney kidney children to conduct a comprehensive physical examination, and found that the timely use of drugs.


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