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What is hemolytic streptococcus

2017-05-05 18:32

Do you know what is the common cause of tonsillitis, scarlet fever and puerperal fever? It is hemolytic streptococcus, a bacterium that causes inflammation in the body. In fact, it is widely distributed in the air, it is easy to invade the human body through the respiratory tract, mouth, nose, etc..

Hemolytic streptococcus called sapylin, is a relatively common cause inflammation of the bacteria, it is usually found in the air, dust, water and other objects and the body's mouth, excrement and purulent wounds in. These bacteria can invade the wound once met, will take advantage of a weak point caused by human infection, will not only cause will induce some serious organ infections such as glomerulonephritis and other respiratory tract infection. So how did it come about? Under normal circumstances, these bacteria are mainly through the wound, oral mucosa, unclean food invasion of the human body. And the bacteria in food may be due to the pollution caused by the hygienic situation in the packaging or production process. Some of the meat and mutton that have died of wounds are also a route of transmission. In daily life to avoid its invasion, it is necessary to pay attention to food hygiene and wash hands and other details. For the production of food factory, we must pay attention to food hygiene testing situation, ensure the food from outside the bacterial contamination, the staff should wear masks and gloves, in case of illness or injury should not be in contact with food. Livestock slaughtering industry in the meat product testing, we must see whether infected or purulent wound was not removed clean. Only at the source of food to ensure quality, can be established to protect the health of consumers.

Understand the above information, we must remember that in peacetime attention to food hygiene, "so Disease enters by the mouth.", hemolytic streptococcus, once the invasion of the human body, will produce some threat to the health of your life, but also adds a lot of trouble. We must pay attention to prevent oh.

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