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Hypertension and nephropathy

2017-05-05 19:19

Hypertension is closely related to kidney. High blood pressure can cause kidney damage, and many kidney diseases and prone to high blood pressure. Hypertension and kidney disease affect each other, cause and effect each other, to form a vicious cycle.

Hypertension is a cardiovascular disease, and kidney is composed of tiny vascular organs, long-term hypertension also damage small arteries of kidney, hypertension caused by renal artery spasm, cause renal vascular ischemia and hypoxia, and injury of glomerular endothelial cells. Once the damaged endothelial cells will attract the blood circulation in the infiltration of inflammatory cells, inflammatory mediators and release the disease, the glomerular pathological changes: glomerular basement membrane changes, filtration hole increases, the charge barrier damage, kidney permeability appears proteinuria.

The majority of patients with hypertension may have varying degrees of renal changes, but the incidence of hypertensive nephropathy is a slow process. In general, the sustained and stable development of essential hypertension, 5-10 can be mild to moderate renal arteriolar sclerosis, and then damage the renal unit, good hair in the long-term hypertension has not been well controlled. In mild and moderate primary hypertension, the early course of a long period of time, due to renal autoregulation action does not appear on the renal structure and function change, only when the renal autoregulation dysfunction, hypertension appear under the condition of high sodium load and acute volume expansion under pathological conditions, through a certain time later, gradually the appearance of renal tubular damage and dysfunction.

The relationship between hypertension and kidney is very complex and close. Long term hypertension is bound to involve the kidney, and the structure and function of the kidney to change, but also cause high blood pressure. In these two cases, elevated blood pressure and kidney damage can aggravate each other, forming a vicious cycle. It is because of high blood pressure and kidney disease are closely related, it is recommended that patients with hypertension should regularly go to the hospital to check urine and renal function. In daily life should also pay attention to whether there is swelling, nocturia, urine foam, and other symptoms. Once the above symptoms indicate that kidney injury may have to go to the hospital in time.


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