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How much does it cost to treat diabetic nephropathy

2017-05-09 16:45

The treatment of diabetic nephropathy need to spend how much money this problem is a lot of patients are more concerned about, whether it is diabetic nephropathy or hypertensive nephropathy, treatment costs vary from person to person.

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts pointed out that in order to understand the costs of treating diabetic nephropathy, diabetes should know about the required inspection fee plus the treatment plan, assessment of treatment costs, and some objective factors, such as the hospital grade, city scale, the level of consumption.

Generally speaking, the most basic tests such as glycosylated hemoglobin, blood lipids, liver and kidney function, ECG, ion, urine and other general expenses, at around 300-500, and for each patient's symptoms and treatment process and follow-up care are different, the cost is It differs from man to man. treatment of diabetic nephropathy, is very difficult to quantify.

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But experts pointed out that the diabetic nephropathy to spend less, avoid wasting money, should be the first selected method for hospital and treatment, good treatment, can effectively control the speed of living condition, the cost will be reduced, and the improper treatment, not only the treatment time will be extended, but also will cause repeated attacks, even cured. Gradually increase the severity of the illness, the treatment difficulty will increase, the cost of treatment will increase.

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For the treatment of diabetic nephropathy in our hospital to recommend the use of live VHP pancreatic resonance therapy, this therapy is traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine will now combine with modern technology, the activity of traditional Chinese medicine directly on the renal lesion, renal repair, activation of pancreatic function, comprehensive treatment of the kidney, gradually improve the renal pathological status. The recovery of kidney. In the treatment of diabetic nephropathy has been widely praised by the majority of patients

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