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Diabetic nephropathy is how to cause?

2017-05-09 16:57

1 genetic factors

The proportion of male diabetic nephropathy was higher than female; study from the US found that living in the same environment, Africa and Mexico born than whites susceptible to diabetic nephropathy; the same race, some of the family are susceptible to diabetic nephropathy, all of this suggests that genetic factors exist. Type 1 diabetes mellitus occurred from 40% to 50% of microalbuminuria, type 2 diabetes during the observation period was only about 20% to 30% of diabetic nephropathy, suggesting that genetic factors may play an important role.

2 abnormal renal hemodynamics

The early stage of diabetic nephropathy can be observed abnormal renal hemodynamics, showed glomerular hypertransfusion and hyperfiltration, renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) increased, and the increase of protein intake increased after the more obvious.

3 metabolic abnormalities caused by hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia mainly through the renal hemodynamic changes and metabolic abnormalities caused by kidney damage, the mechanism of metabolic abnormalities caused kidney damage include: local glucose metabolism 1 in renal tissue, through non enzymatic glycation of the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGES); metabolic activation of the polyol pathway; the activation of two acyl glycerol - protein kinase C pathway; the hexosamine biosynthesis pathway of metabolic abnormalities. In addition to the early high filtration, the metabolic abnormalities are more important to promote the glomerular basement membrane (GBM) thickening and extracellular matrix accumulation

4 hypertension

Almost any diabetic nephropathy is accompanied by high blood pressure, type 1 diabetic nephropathy occurs in parallel with microalbuminuria, while in type 2 diabetes mellitus occurs before the onset of diabetes. Blood pressure control is closely related to the development of diabetic nephropathy.

5 abnormal metabolism of vasoactive substances

In the process of diabetic nephropathy, there are many abnormal metabolism of vasoactive substances. Including RAS, endothelin, prostaglandins and growth factors and other metabolic abnormalities.

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