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What are the symptoms of kidney disease nephropathy suitable

2017-05-10 18:52

Around us, there are a lot of women will appear in the winter cold, cold hands and feet, often cold shivering, always thought that they are in order to beauty, wear less clothes caused by. There's a serious hair loss, had long black hair, but recently it is gradually dry and dull, sparse, and there are many people who are obese badly, intake does not increase, life as usual, but can not stop the rising weight. I do not know what is going on, it is often said that drinking cold water will be fat, this is the truth, in fact, these indicate that the kidney is a problem, we should carry out the maintenance of the kidney.

Kidney deficiency

What are the obvious symptoms of kidney disease? Morning, feel dry eyes, you might think is the day before work at the computer for a long time, in fact, look carefully, you will find that your lower eyelids swollen. This is also the performance of kidney deficiency. Every time shopping, even trying not to drink, or old go to Restroom, but each time the amount of urine and less special, there is time to think Di Di sleep less, the dream of love, the rest is not good, and so these are the manifestation of nephropathy.

We have kidney problems, so in the usual life, how should maintain? What kind of food to eat well? Five low and one high is the best therapeutic method to prevent kidney disease, namely low potassium, low phosphorus, low salt, low fat and low protein, high vitamin. Eat foods high in potassium, such as yam, cabbage, red dates, peaches, apricots, spinach, etc.. Eat less salty foods, such as MSG, soy sauce, fried dough sticks, etc.. Eat less food containing high phosphorus, mainly seafood and marine plants, such as: kelp, seaweed, animal offal, sesame, egg yolk, etc.. Use less animal oil, vegetable oil, corn oil. Can eat some egg white, milk and lean meat, etc.. You can eat some vegetable dish and all kinds of fruit, such as pear, apple, cucumber, tomatoes etc..

So, in order to our kidney is not a problem, it is necessary to learn to maintain in the daily life, eat some good food for the kidney, Kennedy never eat harmful to kidney health food. And learn some of the symptoms of kidney resolution, when the body appeared abnormal symptoms, to tell where is the problem, and how to treat, to repair, will have a healthy body.


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