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Renal insufficiency diet therapy,Prevention of renal insuffi

2017-05-11 18:58

Renal insufficiency to the patient's daily life greatly affected, some patients may have symptoms of physical weakness, or renal insufficiency, this disease may cause tiredness and anemia, some patients are not easy to focus on the spirit of the phenomenon, patients with renal insufficiency, due to improper diet. May also lead to significant weight loss symptoms, some people suffering from renal insufficiency, also may appear nocturia phenomenon, so to the regular hospital for examination and treatment to conditioning, usually pay attention to the reasonable diet collocation.

Renal insufficiency

First, if there is renal insufficiency, the symptoms can be appropriate to eat some fungus usually contain nutrients more fungus in health, have a good conditioning effect on the human body, the fungus and prune together can be boiled, the amount of sugar in eating, it can effectively alleviate the renal dysfunction symptoms, vitamins supplement the body needs.

Second, patients with renal insufficiency, can be appropriate to eat some foods such as millet or jujube usually, usually eat some red bean and yam, the health is good, can play a certain effect of Jianpi Lishui, has good conditioning effect on anemia and renal dysfunction symptoms.

Third, can be appropriate to eat some mulberry mulberry usually can be placed with adequate water through the pot, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of renal insufficiency.

Patients with renal insufficiency, usually must pay attention to light diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, the patient's health is relatively good, but also contribute to the health of the kidney. Patients with renal insufficiency usually eat more protein rich foods, but not too much to eat a one-time, so as not to appear symptoms of indigestion. If there is a lesion of the kidney, it is best to eat less salt and more food, eat less processed foods, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of edema.

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