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Why high blood pressure can lead to hypertensive nephropath

2017-02-22 22:30

A lot of high blood pressure patients for their own illness why into hypertensive nephropathy puzzled, and patients with hypertensive nephropathy are the disease degree to must go to the hospital to check when the show, 
while the vast majority of hypertensive nephropathy of the body has resulted in the injury, so for high blood pressure patients, to understand the reason of blood pressure why would cause high hypertensive nephropathy is 
quite focused. So why is high blood pressure will lead to high blood pressure kidney? The following by my site under the kidney hospital doctor for everyone to explain in detail.

High blood pressure can directly lead to kidney damage, the so-called hypertensive nephropathy, including benign renal arteriolar sclerosis and malignant renal arteriolar sclerosis. Benign renal arteriolosclerosis is long time
high blood pressure resulting in hyaline arteriolosclerosis, causing kidney ischemia, hypoxia, necrosis, fibrosis and sclerosis, thus showing renal dysfunction, eventually develop to uremia high creatinine. The degree of the 
change of pathogenesis is related to the length and severity of hypertension. The glomerular lesion is fibrous and hyalinization, afferent arteriole hyalinization, renal tubular atrophy, renal interstitial fibrosis, interlobar artery and arcuate artery may also have different degree of intimal thickening. Malignant renal arteriolosclerosis is because the rapid development of the high blood pressure caused by renal artery diffuse lesions, resulting in a sharp deterioration in renal function.
The cytological features were the necrosis of the interlobular arteries and arterioles. Can spread to the afferent arteriole, interlobar artery smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal surface, has an "onion skin" like change. The vast majority of patients with high blood pressure can occur in patients with kidney changes, along with the growth of age, glomerular sclerosis is also increasing, about 15% of the high blood pressure will develop into a high degree of uremia creatinine.

The above is why the high blood pressure will lead to high blood pressure related to explain, for hypertensive nephropathy patients, seize the time to go to the regular hospital for treatment is very necessary.


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