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Hypertensive nephropathy best not to eat

2017-01-25 15:52

what food does hypertensive nephropathy best not to eat , this is the majority of the patients with hypertensive nephropathy friend are very concerned about the problem, how to have eating after hypertension nephropathy, should make a diet principle according to the etiology and pathology of hypertensive nephropathy.

Hypertensive nephropathy is the persistent hypertension as the cause, directly cause kidney damage, caused renal arteriosclerosis and nephron atrophy, and the occurred emergence of a series of clinical symptoms of renal dysfunction, severe lesions may also occur in renal failure. This change in renal function and function caused by hypertension is called hypertensive renal damage in Clinically.

The following is hypertensive nephropathy patients can not eat food:

1, carbohydrate foods can not eat: sweet potato, dry beans and sour biscuits.

2, protein foods: can't eat fat food (beef, pork, pork chops, herring, eel, tuna) and processed products (sausage).

3, vitamins and minerals food can not eat include: Vegetables (Cowside hard fiber, bamboo shoots, corn), strong stimulation of vegetables (spicy vegetables, such as mustard, onions, celery class).

4, fatty foods can not eat include: animal oil, lard, bacon, sardine oil.

5, other foods can not eat include: spices (pepper, mustard, curry powder, alcoholic drinks, coffee, strong Black Tea etc.) and carbonated beverages, saline food (salted pickles, salted salmon, fish roe, soy sauce, pickles class).


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