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Daily attention of patients with hypertension

2017-01-25 16:41

Daily attention of patients with hypertension

Today, more and more patients with high blood pressure, many people are beginning to concern about how to eat high blood pressure patients, today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the diet of patients with hypertension what?

First, don't eat too much food with high cholesterol, such as egg yolk, animal offal, fish, shrimp, crab, squid, beef marrow. Any cardiovascular disease patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis should not eat more.

Second, don't eat too much fat, such as pork fat because fat containing animal fat is particularly high, can be as high as 90.8%, eat too much fat is easy to make the body fat, obesity, elevated blood lipids, resulting in atherosclerosis, therefore, long-term high blood pressure to avoid fat pork.

Third, don't eat too much food with high cholesterol, such as liver, kidney due to the high content of cholesterol in the liver, according to the analysis of every 100 grams of liver, containing about 368 mg cholesterol, eat eat liver, against high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, so it should be appropriate to avoid properly.

Fourth, don't drink too much, such as liquor known as shochu. Ming Li Shizhen called "pure poison, fire and gay, drink festival, instantly killing." Modern scholars believe that the liquor in the composition of alcohol in the liver affect the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol, so that plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations increased, resulting in atherosclerosis. At the same time can cause myocardial fat deposition, so that the heart, causing hypertension and coronary heart disease. Therefore, people suffering from high blood pressure, do not eat spirits.

Fifth, low-salt diet. Many domestic and foreign medical experts have pointed out that eating too much salt is an important cause of hypertension. In our country in 1979, the epidemiological survey also showed that: the amount of salt is directly related to blood pressure. Therefore, persons suffering from hypertension, do not eat salt. The above is a high blood pressure patients with food taboos, hypertension patients can be implemented, perseverance, will be beneficial to health.


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