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What are the causes of hypertensive nephropathy

2017-02-06 10:55

The majority of patients with hypertension, it is often associated with kidney disease, the incidence of hypertensive nephropathy is associated with the severity of hypertension and the duration of the disease is a positive proportion. The factors influencing hypertension include sex, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia.

In the etiology of hypertensive nephropathy, men are more likely to have renal damage than women. The age of onset of primary hypertension is generally 25-45 years old, and the age of onset of renal damage caused by high blood pressure is generally 40-60 years old. The earliest symptoms may be an increase in nocturia, reflecting the occurrence of ischemic lesions in the renal tubules, the concentration of urine began to decline.
Proteinuria was present, indicating that glomerular lesions had occurred. The degree of proteinuria is generally mild to moderate, 24 hours urine protein quantitation is generally not more than 2 grams, but a small number of patients with a large number of proteinuria. Urinary sediment microscopic examination of red blood cells and tube small, individual patients suffered from transient hematuria due to rupture of glomerular capillary. Studies have shown that 1/10000 of patients with essential hypertension will develop renal failure, renal function in untreated hypertensive patients is significantly lower than those without hypertension.
Can often be found in other organs of primary hypertension, mainly cardiovascular complications, these complications may appear earlier than kidney damage, more serious illness, as the main influence or key prognostic factors.

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