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Diet attentions of hypertensive nephropathy

2017-03-04 16:32


Hypertension and kidney disease patients in our daily life is very common, our understanding of the symptoms of hypertension is relatively more is not strange, but to understand the disease nephropathy are relatively less. If patients with hypertension is also a kidney disease if his health is generally not very good, these patients should pay attention to prevention and treatment especially in normal life, so patients with hypertensive nephropathy in general need to pay attention to what in the diet?

Steps / methods:

1 hypertension usually refers to the body's blood pressure value exceeds the normal level which leads to the patient's body in the abnormal situation, kidney diseases are usually pay special attention to the treatment of patients with nephropathy, hypertension and so on in the daily diet should pay attention to.

2 patients with hypertensive nephropathy in daily clinical manifestations generally Yaosuanbeiteng, dizziness, weakness of limbs and body edema, patients with this type of diet to avoid salty food, try to eat less salt and light, is not to eat some food with high fat and high protein.

3 patients with hypertensive nephropathy general treatment is mainly to control the daily blood pressure, kidney disease should have a rest, do not engage in manual labor, usually eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, these foods contain a lot of vitamins and cellulose can improve the symptoms of hypertension and nephropathy.

Matters needing attention:

Hypertensive nephropathy is a kind of more prone to disease, especially in the elderly in peacetime to pay special attention to prevent, usually not recommended food too salty, also have to put less, there is not eat too much meat.


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