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Hypertension Nephropathy note

2017-03-04 16:34


In recent years, China's increasing number of patients with hypertension, our life is becoming better and better, every day we are in favor of eating nutritious food, in the course of time, may cause three, namely hyperglycemia hyperlipidemia and hypertension, these 3 diseases are of great harm to our health, including patients with hypertension the most common hypertension patients not only have a great chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease, may also suffer from a variety of complications, hypertensive nephropathy is one of them.

Steps / methods:

1 hypertension this disease is mainly due to our bad habits, may be due to obesity, or eating too much salt, and alcohol are likely to cause the occurrence of hypertension, we now live more and more pressure, the spirit of oppression may also increase blood pressure.

2 hypertensive nephropathy is a serious complication of hypertension, the kidney generally showed kidney sclerosis, usually at the age of forty or fifty years, basically is a history of hypertension 5 to 10 years, these people are likely to suffer from hypertension nephropathy.

3 if this disease, it must be timely to the hospital for treatment for hypertension induced nephropathy is very terrible, in life we must pay attention to control hypertension, may reduce the probability of occurrence of hypertensive nephropathy.

Matters needing attention:

Many of the complications of hypertension, hypertensive nephropathy is one of the more serious, so we must pay attention to, if this disease occurs, it must be timely to the hospital for treatment, so as to make our body healthy.

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