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Diet nursing of hypertensive nephropathy

2017-05-02 16:51
Hypertensive nephropathy patients with diet care, the patient should pay special attention to the treatment of disease. A lot of patients with hypertensive nephropathy and their families often do not attach much importance to diet care, kidney disease experts specially summarized the attention of patients with hypertensive nephropathy diet care, in order to know the patient's diet.
Hypertensive nephropathy
1, limit the amount of salt intake: daily salt should be less than 6G, the ordinary beer cover to remove the rubber pad, a flat salt about 6g. This refers to the amount of salt, including cooking salt and other foods containing sodium into the total amount of salt. Appropriate to reduce sodium intake helps to reduce blood pressure, reduce sodium and water retention in the body.
2, eat more foods containing potassium, potassium in the body can play a role in buffering sodium. There are rich in calcium and sodium containing low food, high calcium foods less meat soup, because the broth containing nitrogen extract increased, can promote the body to increase uric acid, plus gravity, liver, kidney burden.
3, limit the intake of fat. When cooking, use vegetable oil, edible fish, fish contain unsaturated fatty acids, can cause the oxidation of cholesterol, thus lowering plasma cholesterol, but also to extend the platelet aggregation, inhibit thrombosis, prevent stroke, linoleic acid also contains more, increasing the flexibility of capillaries to prevent rupture of blood vessels, prevent the complications of hypertension have a certain the role of.
4, moderate intake of protein. The daily amount of protein in patients with hypertension was 1g per kilogram of body weight. Eat 2-3 times a week fish protein, can improve the elasticity and permeability of the blood vessels, increase urinary sodium excretion, thereby reducing blood pressure. Such as hypertension and renal insufficiency, should limit the intake of protein. High blood pressure patients with high biological value of animal protein based foods, such as milk, eggs, etc.. High protein diet can increase glomerular blood flow and pressure, low protein diet can increase the glomerular filtration rate decreased.

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