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What are the high blood lipid diet for the elderly?

2017-05-03 10:01

The elderly due to deterioration of the body function, so easily with all kinds of diseases, and nephropathy as the highest incidence of the disease, it's easier for the elderly. Creatinine is a very important clinical indicator of renal function, high creatinine often represent the renal function in patients with impaired, when patients with nephropathy appear muscle liver disease development is high, often in the later period, if you do not pay attention to diet, even for effective treatment, will lead to deterioration of the patient's for this, the immune ability is relatively weak in the elderly, performance will be more prominent. In recent years, people pay attention to kidney disease treatment at the same time, also began to care about the food problem, especially the elderly, of diet in renal disease are also increasingly concerned about, so that the elderly hypertension liver muscle of normal diet, pay attention to what?


With more than twenty years of experience in research and treatment of kidney disease hospital -- Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, elderly patients should pay special attention to the normal liver muscle of hypertension in the diet, the diet should follow the principle of three high and four low, namely, high carbohydrate, high vitamin, Gao Gai, low salt, low potassium, low phosphorus, low fat and water the reasonable and balanced diet. In addition, creatinine in patients with high to low salt and low potassium diet; pay attention to moisture control; to limit the intake of protein intake, with high quality low protein food; to ensure energy supply should be adequate intake of calories, but also pay attention to the rich in vitamin C, folic acid and iron containing foods.


Note that, due to illness in patients with elderly high creatinine are not the same, therefore, in the diet should also depend on the specific circumstances, in this regard, Shijiazhuang kidney medicine also specifically for the elderly patients with different liver muscle high equipped with specialized nutritionists, the nutritionist according to different patients with different disease characteristics, develop high in patients with diet therapy each elderly creatinine (if necessary can contact online expert detailed consultation).


Through the above described, all for the patients with elderly hypertension liver muscle normal diet should understand it, I hope my friends can understand, try to do a good job of diet nursing of the disease, the only way to eventual rehabilitation.

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