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How to prevent renal failure to become uremia?

2017-05-03 10:09
Chronic renal failure developed to the late stage of uremia, renal atrophy, sometimes less than 1/4 normal renal function, filtering residual ability is lower than in 10ml/in/m2 (normal: 70-120ml/min/m2), the kidney can not rule out the accumulation of body waste, and thus stop the secretion function of affected multiple organ systems function, must be based on dialysis exclusion of uremic life prolonging therapy. If we do not immediately start dialysis treatment, and may even cause multiple organ failure and death.
Chronic renal insufficiency is a complex process of changing conditions, should be taken into account, in order to effectively alleviate the clinical symptoms, delay the progression of renal failure, to prevent the occurrence of uremia. Once uremia occurs, the treatment of hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis (Xi Shen) and kidney transplantation. But there are still a lot of inconvenience and suffering.
Although the change of kidney disease life expectancy compared up to twenty years, but the average life expectancy of dialysis patients is only ten years, after thirty-three years of waiting period, renal failure preventive medicine at this point to highlight the great importance.
According to the society of Nephrology, when creatinine male is larger than 2.0mg/dl, the female is more than or equal to 1.5mg/dl is required to begin to pay attention to, if greater than 4mg/dl should be closely monitored over by nephrologists, in addition to diet therapy, no other effective methods, so Chen Zhengwen found in the kidney specialist monitoring, acupuncture treatment at this time also should be actively involved to help patients.
At present western medicine on renal failure by the end of the early progression to the uremia, only the surrounding containment, such as controlling blood pressure and blood sugar, the use of platelet inhibitors, there is no increase for kidney (Nephron) treatment and kidney cells, and can play a complementary therapy and Western medicine therapy complex.

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