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Hypertension is one of the symptoms of chronic nephritis

2017-05-05 18:58

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts told us that many symptoms of chronic nephritis, in many ways, here are the following common symptoms for your reference:


1, edema: mostly eyelid edema, or mild to moderate edema of the lower extremities, press the edema site can be depressed.

2, renal function damage: chronic nephritis renal function damage was chronic progressive.

3, abnormal urine test: proteinuria is one of the main basis for diagnosis. If you do 24 hours urine protein quantitation, chronic nephritis patients urine protein is generally 1 ~ 3 grams. Hematuria is another important basis for the diagnosis of chronic glomerulonephritis. In addition to proteinuria, hematuria, some patients can also have tubular urine.

4, high blood pressure: is generally elevated blood pressure, about 180 ~ 150/120 ~ ~ 90 mm Hg, hypertension persists, the patient can appear dizziness headache and other symptoms. Renal function is more prone to high blood pressure in patients with renal failure, more than 90% of high blood pressure. The hypertension is an important organ damage to the kidney, so that the formation of a vicious circle, the higher the blood pressure, the longer the duration, the greater the damage to the kidneys, the more severe renal dysfunction, the worse prognosis.

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